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John W. Carver

Influencer, TV Producer, Entrepreneur, Author, Motivational Speaker, Blogger and Teacher

Hear his story! Feel His Passion!


ABOUT John W. Carver

John is the Founder and CEO of The Carver Group, LLC, a TV Producer and Consulting Business, that provides REAL WORLD Motivation and Inspiration to people around the world.

John's life was dictated by a severe stutter. He was bullied in school and terrified to speak to anyone. In 1988, John was encouraged to begin a career where he spoke to people...daily.

He was teased, laughed at and it, almost, caused John to quit dozens of times.

John persisted. Developed a habit of self-development and has impacted THOUSANDS of people around the world.


The Carver Group reaches people in all walks of life including CEOs, Teachers, Celebrities, Business Owners, Students as well as people searching for meaning in life.

John is an author of several books including "Build Your Foundation - 68 Building Blocks for a Successful, Rewarding Life."

John broadcasts, on Cable Television, in more than 1.7 MILLION HOMES each week!

John's weekly email (blog) INSPIRES thousands of people around the world.

A little more about John W. Carver:


Tried to have children for 9 years.


1998 – Started adopting children. Between 1998-2004 John and his wife, Tammy, adopted six children from Russia and Belarus.


Started two Cable Television programs that broadcast in 1.7 Million Homes Weekly.


2007-2016 – Youngest daughter, Juliana, fought cancer 8 times and passed away on October 24, 2016 (see Angels for Juliana on Facebook and

Shared more than 900 Speeches.


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